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Seimitsu LS-32-01 (PCB Type) Joystick with SS Plate (2017 Model)

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  • Product Description

    New LS-32 Will Replace Existing Model

    Please note that the 2017 model of Seimitsu LS-32 will sell alongside the original LS-32 until its supply is exhausted.  This represents the first stage of updates to the entire Seimitsu line, as the Panasonic microswitch is replaced with Omron. Please read below for details.

    Seimitsu's LS-32-01 joystick has remained a main competitor to the Sanwa JLF series, and the standard among Versus City based arcade setups. This year, Seimitsu's iconic model has undergone a slight change, while striving to keep its functionality as intact as it most popular model is known and celebrated for. We introduce the Seimitsu New LS-32.

    What is the New LS-32, and Why does it Exist? 

    New 2017 Seimitsu LS-32-01 PCB Design

    Originally labeled the LS-300 when introduced at 2017 Japan Arcade Expo (JAEPO), Seimitsu changed the name to "New LS-32" in order to properly represent the minor update to its lever microswitch.  This is not a functional upgrade, but rather designed to address an unexpected development in the industry.  Earlier in the year Panasonic suddenly announced they would no longer manufacture the microswitches used in the Seimitsu LS-32 series joystick lever.  This not only affects this model, but eventually the entire line of Seimitsu products that utilize their brand of microswitch.  

    Faced with this challenge, Seimitsu went to work on an alternative, collaborating with respected microswitch brand Omron to develop a replacement model.  Their goal was to replicate the feel of their original Panasonic microswitch, which fans have grown to known and enjoy.  After many months of testing, including sample models at FA with thanks to SRK's PresidentCamacho - an ardent technical fan of the Seimitsu line - this new model is now available.

    Seimitsu retains LS-32 name you Know

    It is helpful to know that the name previously advertised "LS-300" name is no longer used for this product. Seimitsu officially mentioned this via their website under "2017/07/03 カタログ掲載の「LS-300」についてのご案内":


    Translated roughly to English:

    Regarding LS-32 (LS-32-01) successor
    Regarding the successor of LS-32 using Omron SW, which published "LS-300 (tentative name)" in the latest paper catalog.
    Now LS-32 became a legit successor and there is no name change and we will sell it as "LS-32".

    Current product (made by Panasonic) LS-32 inventory gone completely then start to sell in order to avoid confusion.
    (We will notify when we will change etc., it's scheduled to be around August 2017 with the current situation.) [Note: USA/Western market has it before Japan market]

    As a new product, "LS-300" has been partly announced but the name of "LS-300" will be abolished.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, but please be forewarned.

    Most importantly, Seimitsu has taken great strides to keep both look and feel of the original model.

    Other Changes to 2017 Model

    Seimitsu's goal was not to change the overall appearance of its original product.  However, it performed some alterations to the bottom support plate and PCB to accomodate the Omron micro switch.   Each are available separately for those who already own the LS-32 and would like to swap these parts. Please note that you must get the bottom support plate with the new PCB as the shape of the PCB won't fit the original bottom support plate.

    Bundle Control Accessories and Performance Mods

    Compatible with a wide array of Sanwa balltops and battops, including the Sanwa LB-35 Balltop and Sanwa LB-30 N-S Battop, the Seimitsu LS-32-01 comes with an adjustable restrictor plate for 2, 4, or 8-way operation.  It also has PCB mounts and quick disconnects allow for easy swapping into a Madcatz SE or TE joystick.

    You have a number of accessories, maintenance products and performance mods that are compatible with the LS-32:

    Compatible with TE Joystick replacement

    The LS-32-01's S plate mount is compatible with the default mount in a MadCatz TE joystick.  Upon removing the JLF, you will notice the default mounting bracket attached to the TE's metal underside contains screw holes on the outer-most area.  You can use this to attach the LS-32-01.  Please see the video further in the product page for a demonstration.

    SS Mounting Plate, Free Wiring Harness and Balltop

    All Seimitsu LS-32-01 joysticks now come with the SS mounting plate for easy installation into a Madcatz TE configuration. A black balltop and wiring harness are also included.

    You can also purchase the following plates for the LS-32:

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    1. My second favorite control lever

      Is this the "perfect" joystick?
      Define "perfect." That's different for everyone!
      I've heard a couple of complaints and some remarks made by people who don't have a lot of experience with the the LS-32 joystick lever.
      This IS one of the older designs out there but it's still relevant and a very good alternate joystick to the Sanwa JLF. I'll be blunt -- I don't like the JLF and have some opinions about how well that joystick is made and performs but that's my experience. I think it is interesting, though, there are as many customization options for THE BASE of the JLF so take that as you will! I doubt that if the JLF were as "perfect" as some proclaim there would be as many customization options aimed at baseplate and restrictor gate replacements!
      I think what's better on the LS-32 is the spring to begin with. It's a stiffer spring than what the JLF and Hayabusa use. It's also easy to raise the tension on the stock LS-32 by screwing in half of another LS-32 spring onto an intact spring. You put the end of the spring that has the half spring screwed on up against the spring retainer on the stick shaft. This increases tension 10-15%(?); definitely less than a 25% tension increase and the lever shaft moves freely but with more control for many people using the LS-32. I prefer that to putting in a 2-lb spring which I feel is too heavy and ruins the snapback and diagonal movement on the lever. A spring mod is the easiest mod to do on a control lever and the cheapest, too, compared to changing restrictor gates which I think DO NOTHING for fighting games (there's a reason they use square gates in Japan) or doing partial base replacements. I would match rather cut stock springs in half than do more expensive base and restrictor gate replacements. I did the restrictor gate replacement on the JLF when I used that lever and I NEVER liked the octagonal gate. It was easier for me to hit diagonals on the square gates for the LS levers I use (LS-32, LS-40) and the Hori Hayabusa. The Sanwa JLF, IMHO, has a fundamentally flawed base design and the restrictor gate plastic is TOO thick and the actuator rubs against it roughly.
      The LS-32 I feel hits the diagonals better than the JLF which is attributable to the gate/base design of the LS-32. The restrictor gate on the LS series levers is thinner and on the LS-32 I've never felt that the actuator "rubs" the gate roughly. It's been easier for me to do diagonals and play fighting games with this joystick lever since I started using it. Contrary to some people's opinions, the LS-32 is perfectly fine with other types of games besides fighters. It has a nice retro-feel with other games. I've comfortably used the LS-32 with with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and horizontal shooters. It responds very well. You DO NOT need to buy an LS-33 or LS-40 to play shooters!!!
      There have been notes about the installation of the LS-32. You really want to install this in a medium (Agetec, Mad Catz Brawl series) or bigger joystick case (HRAP, Mad Catz TE series; Chinese joysticks are biased towards Sanwa JLF and the LS series and Hori Hayabusa may not fit in those). The LS-32 is a bulky joystick lever with shorter shaft length than the Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa. It IS chunkier in the main base than its rivals. It will install easily in the HRAP SA/SE models (HRAP 1-3) and all HRAP N and HRAP V cases as well the HRAP VLX and Fighting Edge series.
      There is an issue with installing the LS-32-01 in the generic HRAP's mass-market models that DO NOT have the universal mount that the limited SA and SE models made prior to 2012 had. Because of the short shaft, the LS-32-01 is best installed with SS Mounting Plate in joysticks that have universal mounting areas under the faceplate which accept Seimitu, Sanwa JLF, or Hori Hayabusa levers. Those joystick bases that have universal mounts include the Hori HRAP 1-3 SA/SE models, all HRAP V's and HRAP N's, the Fighting Edge and HRAP VLX, and the Mad Catz TE series from 2009 onward. If you use the rectangular (RE: Mounting Plate) Mounting Plate, the LS-32 will sit short above the faceplate of your joystick base. You may want to use a shaft extension in this case but that can feel awkward and throw off the LS-32's balance/feel for many people. I've tried shaft extensions and didn't care for them.
      I would avoid getting the generic mass-market HRAP 1-3 and the limited white Japanese ( HRAP 3 unless you want you to remove the existing mounting plate and drill in new holes. You will be forced to use the rectangular RE: Mounting Plate and a shaft extension to get the LS-32 shaft to clear the faceplate properly on generic HRAP 2's and 3's IF you don't mod the faceplate. There are plenty of HRAP 3 SA's for sale online that will accept the LS-32-01 or cheaper Tekken 5 10th Anniversary joysticks that can easily by modded to take an LS-32-01 although in the faceplate mods I would advise using the RE: Plate instead of the SS Plate. If you do a "hanging screw" mod (I recommend self-clinching studs with M4 shafts; the hex nuts Japanese levers use are M4 standard), it's easier to control the height elevation above the faceplate with washers and hex nuts using the RE: Plate. I've done this in multiple Hori Tekken 5/US joysticks.
      Note that the LS-40, LS-56/58, and other Seimitsu LS joystick will encounter the same mounting issues the LS-32 does unless the joystick base you're installing them in has a universal mount. The faceplate mounting issue again happens mainly with older pre-2011 Hori stick bases, non-Hori product like the Agetec, and virtually every pre-HRAP joystick. To their credit, Mad Catz designed their 2009 and later TE models to include universal mounts and it's been easy to install alternate levers (Hori Hayabusa, Seimitsu LS series, and JP Crown designs) in their joystick bases with only minor internal mods like cutting plastic that gets in the way of the 5-prong PCB harness adaptors.
      I bought my LS-32's before the 2017 Omron redesign and the manufacture of a proper Seimitsu shaft cover for the LS-32. As I understand it, there's not much difference in feel between the pre-Omron (Panasonic) versions I own and the post-2017 model with the Omron microswitches.
      IMHO, if the vendor doesn't have the LS-32 with the shaft cover in stock, it's very easy to buy and mod a JLF-CD kit (shaft and washers) to fit your LS-32 shaft. You simply have to get metal files to shave down the internal width of the JLF shaft cover to fit the LS-32. It's a process that takes 30-45 minutes. You have to reduce the thickness of the shaft plastic by 50% from the inside. You fit-check every so often to see how the shaft cover fits after shaving the plastic with a coarse round file. After the modded shaft cover passes the fit check, the inside of the shaft cover should be sanded with a fine semi-round file to get rid of plastic burrs and reduce the internal roughness. 600-grit or higher sand paper folded into a tube might help, too. The last thing to do would be to cut 1/8" to 3/16" off the top of the shaft cover to the shaft length of the LS-32. Keep in mind that the LS-32 shaft is shorter than the JLF BUT the JLF shaft is actually thicker than the LS-32 shaft with the cover in place on the JLF shaft. Remember that you cut from the top of the JLF shaft cover where it narrows the most. I used a Dremel tool with a cutting wheel to reduce the shaft cover height SLOWLY after I marked the area to cut off with a metallic silver Sharpie marker. Shaft covers from Sanwa and Hori slope INWARDS towards the top. You want the wider part of the shaft cover to sit on top of the lever base.
      Doing the mod of the JLF-CD kit to fit the LS-32 opens up more variety in shaft cover colors you can use with the LS-32. Besides black JLF shafts, I've installed clear, red, and blue shaft covers on LS-32 levers that I own. In place, the red and blue shaft covers I've noticed make the LS-32 shaft look like anodized metal which is nice!
      on Mar 23rd 2021

    2. Not satisfied

      I recently ordered this joystick hoping to get a quicker response for the madcatz fightstick. I didn’t notice a difference in response times and also the semeitsu is a little too loose to my liking. Unfortunately there isn’t a higher tension spring offered for that joystick. So for me this joystick was a bust and a waste of money. on Mar 14th 2019

    3. Great stick in comparison

      The review here talking about the Tap and Die set, go read that one now.

      Now that you're done with their review here we go.

      I've recently swapped out a lot of stuff for friends and this one is the one I keep pointing them to. Complaints of other sticks regardless the manufactuerer seem to end with Seimitsu's LS-32. For various reasons it wont always fit in some cases but many times you can manage to adjust things in the case to make it work. Smaller stick cases beware it is a very "deep" stick and sticks well past where the Hayabusa stick does in the HORI RAP V4.

      I had to Tap and Die... but it has been worth every single penny.
      on Oct 28th 2018

    4. Great upgrade. Not a direct fit for Qanba Carbon.

      Great upgrade. Less "looseness" from the seimitsu. No issues with shaft length although it is a touch shorter than stock.
      Only issue is that it's not a direct replacement for the Wanna Carbon stock joystick. The mounting bracket is useless as the holes for the enclosure don't quite line up. Had to remove top acrylic and screw in joystick using 4 predrilled holes from the top. Not ideal but works.
      on Feb 13th 2018

    5. Best stick I've put hands on

      Heads up: If installing into a HORI RAPV4 you'll need a Tap and Die set to thread the middle screws for the mount. (worth it read on.)

      TL;DR Stiffer than the Sanwa / Hori Hayabusa but just as smooth

      Compared to the Hori Hayabusa and Sanwa standards I purchased this with the intent of actually getting a feel for the unit and seeing if I liked the resistance given by the stick.

      Proof positive once mounted I enjoyed it a lot. No back lash even when equipped with the balltop with bubbles in it. One problem I've had with weaker Sanwa or Hori sticks is that they, when released at full tilt, will sometimes input another direction if allowed to fling themselves back to neutral. So far this unit hasn't done that and I am very thankful for it.

      If you like a crisper engagement and wish your Sanwa JLF or Hori Hayabusa were more resistant without feeling mushier from the added weight of a heavier spring, give these a shot.

      Will be using these in my custom sticks in the future. Best piece of hardware I've encountered, wish I'd found Seimitsu sooner.
      on Sep 28th 2017

    6. Sanwa purist finds stability in nre Seimetsu LS-33-01 Joystick

      I've always used Sanwa parts exclusively in my Fightsticks always prefering the soft sensitivity of it's action. Recently I had the opportunity while replacing my Joystick, to use the new Seimetsu LS-32-01 and have really been enjoying it.

      The big difference between the two sticks is the LS-32-01 has a lot firmer a feel to it, this has been helpful for precise execution scenarios and during practice to make sure that i am intently hitting the correct directions. You should expect a time to adapt to the added effort required to perform motions, but in the long run if you're intention is to improve the accuracy and dtermination of your execution this stick should help.
      on Jul 21st 2017

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